16 Pc. Truffle Collection

16 Pc. Truffle Collection

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Indulge your passion. You think you know what to expect, do you? Not so fast. Pleasurable surprises still await. Some subtle, some quite daring. If Pure Madness proves anything, it’s that you can still be seduced. Green apple, playfully dancing across the tongue…exotic, delicate orange kumquat. You wanton thing, you!

Rum Raisin (2)
Espresso (1)
Classic (2)
Chili Lime (2)
Raspberry (2)
Vanilla (1)
Orange Kumquat (1)
Sea Salt Caramel (2)
Hazelnut (1)
Dark Classic (1)
Green Apple (1)

Rum Raisin – A hint of warmth, and sweetness in abundance.
milk chocolate + rum + raisins

Espresso – Deep-roasted beans awaken your taste buds!
dark chocolate + roasted coffee ganache

Classic – Mood lifting and blissfully indulgent.
milk chocolate + creamy milk ganache

Chili Lime – Creates that coveted inner tingle.
dark chocolate + lime + chili pepper

Raspberry – We took a lovely summer day and mixed it into chocolate.
dark chocolate + berry ganache

Vanilla – Like a patch of sunlight in the dark.
milk chocolate + creamy vanilla bean

Orange Kumquat – A complex beauty, exotic and delicate.
dark chocolate + orange + kumquat

Sea Salt Caramel – Delectably sweet and salty--dangerously addictive!
dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt

Hazelnut – Even if it were evil, I would forgive it!
milk chocolate + creamy hazelnut

Dark Classic – This is why chocolate is called “food of the gods.”
dark chocolate + pure chocolate ganache

Green Apple – Playfully dances across the tongue.
milk chocolate + apple + cinnamon

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Customer Reviews

2 Item(s)

Amazing! Review by Laura

Some of the best chocolate I have ever had!
(Posted on 11/5/15)
I like the assortment! Can't wait to taste this but it is a gift Review by Enid

I hope this is as good as it looks because we are sending it to a very special friend.
(Posted on 8/26/15)

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