time to plan a weekend trip

It’s time to get away. Plan a weekend trip with friends. Take off with the one you love. Or, venture out on your own. In this case, the road is the limit.

A change of scenery is all you need for a change of perspective. The sights, smells, and tastes of places unknown have a way of making you look at the world differently. And experimentation can lead all sorts of fascinating places. (We have similar feelings about chocolate.)

Pack light. Bring too many clothes. Throw in your most comfortable shoes and most enviable spike heels. Skirt every rule along the way, every chance you get.

Adventure is always in fashion. Take a moment to escape. Be a tourist in your own city—or someone else’s. Take the scenic route. Pull over at that charming roadside shop. Head home when you’re good and ready. You have to return to reality at some point, unfortunately.