host a chocolate and beer tasting

Pairing beer with chocolate is a different way to enjoy your favorite indulgence. And it’s an adventure in taste. No matter the type of brew you love, there’s chocolate to accent it perfectly.

It’s about thinking outside the box. Sharing with loved ones. Creating a culinary experience. Believe it or not, beer & chocolate is quite the pair. Both lend themselves to all sorts of experimentation. If paired properly, chocolate can enhance the taste of your beer—and the opposite is also true.

Try a sea salt caramel alongside a pale ale. The complexity of the chocolate combined with buttery caramel and sea salt will bring out the subtle flavors of a light beer.

Pair the Espresso chocolate bar with a stout. The richness of the dark coffee-infused chocolate is the perfect complement to a darker beer.

An intensely hoppy IPA (India Pale Ale) works nicely alongside a creamy milk chocolate. The bitterness of the beer is countered by the sweetness of the chocolate, making it the perfect match.

But why stop there? Taste and test your way through every variety. The possibilities are endless.