Explore milk and dark chocolate from Pure Madness


As the saying goes, beautiful exteriors lead to gratifying interiors. It’s why we created a truffle collection that is a beautiful gift in itself—no wrapping required.

When it comes to gifting, it’s about the wow factor. The ability to give the ones you love something that makes them feel special—articulating your feelings in a single gesture. When it comes to chocolate it’s all about creating an unforgettable experience.

Take the truffle box: a beautiful foray into chocolate that leaves your recipient on the edge of their seat with every turn.

An experience involving each of the senses begins in dramatic fashion. The quilted texture of the black truffle box exterior, catching the light ever so slightly. It begs to be touched. Slip off the smooth pink band and slide the lid ever so carefully, inciting anticipation along the way. Inside, a flavor card inspires engagement of the eating variety.

And—at last—the chocolate inside. Deep, pure and passionately layered flavor sensations await. Bold, subtle sweet and surprising. Whether they adore the classics or have a desire for the daring, there’s a flavor for every taste. Filled with creamy ganache, these milk and dark truffles are an exploration into a mysterious passion for chocolate.

Touching, feeling, and finally tasting are all part of the experience. It’s a journey to get to the chocolate inside, but a worthwhile experience for the end reward.

And when it comes to gifts, it doesn’t get better—or more awe inspiring—than chocolate.