milk and dark chocolate truffle collections

Is bigger always better? Can less really be more? We say yes, unequivocally.

Let us explain: the Luscious Truffle Collection was created with celebrations of every size in mind. The intimate gathering is just as enjoyable as an over the top soiree. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a one size fits all occasion. Chocolate has a place at the table, no matter the number of guests. There is something for everyone, in each of the eleven intoxicating flavors. Where will they take you?

The 9 piece collection is ideal for an intimate encounter. The milk and dark flavors lend themselves to sharing and experimentation—bold, surprisingly intense and indulgent. Enjoy them with wine or a friend, the best way to discover your favorite.

Chili Lime
Sea Salt Caramel
Rum Raisin
Dark Classic

The 16 piece collection ups the ante with more flavors that promise to indulge each of your passions. Start with creamy milk chocolate, and then move to exotic, delicate orange kumquat if the mood strikes. Share if you want—or keep them for yourself. The choice is yours.

Rum Raisin (2)
Espresso (1)
Classic (2)
Chili Lime (2)
Raspberry (2)
Vanilla (1)
Orange Kumquat (1)
Sea Salt Caramel (2)
Hazelnut (1)
Dark Classic (1)
Green Apple (1)

The 25 piece collection will take you places. Plunge shamelessly into each of these deep, pure, and passionately layered flavor sensations. This collection is quite the crowd pleaser, for milk and dark chocolate lovers alike.

Sea Salt Caramel (3)
Rum Raisin (3)
Espresso (2)
Classic (2)
Chili Lime (2)
Hazelnut (2)
Raspberry (3)
Vanilla (2)
Orange Kumquat (2)
Dark Classic (2)
Green Apple (2)