eating gourmet truffles

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, perhaps love at first bite is more your style (we think either way works).

But in matters of love and of taste, it’s all about the experience. It starts with a look, sure, but it goes much deeper than that. The luscious truffle collection was created with this idea in mind—involving each of the senses is the best way to truly taste chocolate.

The black textured box gets plenty of looks and its fair share of double takes, but touching it takes things to a new level. Subtle texture will cause your finger tips to linger, taking it all in. But curiosity will drive you deeper. Slip off the glossy pink band, open the box and a pink and black pattern inspired by fishnets greets you. And it hides what you’re really after: truffles.

The end result is an engaging experience for your eyes, your nose, and your tongue. The enclosed guide will take you where you need to go, be it a journey into the classics or a foray into the bold. The choice is yours, always.