dark toffee and peppermint bark

Our Delicious Dark Toffee and Peppermint Bark are perfectly layered and impossible to resist. Each arrives in a distinctive tin that’s perfect for gifting. But we believe it’s their differences that will drive you wild. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this dynamic duo:

Peppermint Bark

You get one pound of bark in every tin, making it the perfect item to share with guests.

Made with the perfect ratio of dark to white chocolate. Each layer is poured by hand and sprinkled with crush peppermint.

It’s a holiday staple, only available a few months of the year (October through February, to be exact).

Our bark arrives in a custom designed tin, featuring a playful patter that pays homage to the peppermint.

Customers tell us that it’s best to hide it from yourself. It’s just that good.


Delicious Dark Toffee

Unlike bark, our toffee explores the darker side of things.

It’s quite the creation: we begin with a layer of dark (62%) dark chocolate, add a layer of toffee, then top it with another layer of chocolate and finally, chopped nuts.

Toffee’s taste is so distinctive that we created a word to describe it: buttersweet.

We pack 16 ounces of toffee into a black and pink tin, which makes a lovely gift- no wrapping necessary.

It’s broken by hand which means that much like a snowflake, no two pieces are alike.


So, whether you swoon for the cool and crisp side of chocolate or would prefer to explore the buttersweet, we fully support your choice.