Our advice: now is a great time to take a day off and just go.

Grab your girlfriends. Your favorite sibling. The love of your life—and catch the next train. Or jump in the nearest coupe. How you get there isn’t nearly as important as getting there.

Don’t forget your most-loved leather jacket (you know, the one that fits you like a glove) and a cozy scarf—and prepare for relaxation. It’s the perfect season to get away from it all. To take in the changing leaves. And, more importantly, to get cozy with a glass of red that pairs perfectly with chocolate.

This is about kissing your obligations goodbye. Unplugging from the world (one weekend without Twitter won’t kill you) and taking in the company of the ones you love. It’s a thing of beauty.

So go on. Embrace your newfound freedom. Sit around the campfire. Hike up the nearest mountain. Walk along the pier. Do it all at your own pace; your life will be waiting when you return.