give your guests chocolate truffles

The holidays are almost here. Just around the corner, even. And like every year, the season promises to be a busy one. In the madness of the season, it’s easy to find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed. From all-important task of shopping to planning the party, there is a long list of things to do.

When it comes to the latter, it’s time to formulate a plan. We suggest starting with dessert. (Why not do the most pleasant things first?) Those little touches will make all the difference to your guests. Decorating each place setting will make things special. Sure, you can create place cards for everyone. But why not tempt them to take their seats?

Naturally, this is where chocolate enters the picture. Imagine the joy and excitement of finding your name, taking your seat and realizing there are truffles to greet you. These gorgeous artisan confections will get everyone in the spirit with just a single bite.

Just make sure they leave room for pie—or more chocolate truffles. Whatever suits their fancy.