the chocolate flavors of spring


Sometimes, it’s best to play things safe—sometimes. But when it comes to chocolate, you need options. Flavors that satisfy a craving for the classics while indulging your need to be daring. Things aren’t always so black and white.

That’s why we created a collection that allows you to play both sides of the fence. Chocolate with depth and pureness, layered with taste and a hint of secrecy. As the seasons begin to shift, it’s easy to find yourself pining for the sweeter things in life.

A walk on the sweeter side of dark chocolate is just the thing. While we fully advocate trying every flavor (why not?) here are a few perfect for a spring day:

Raspberry – We took a lovely summer day and mixed it into chocolate.
dark chocolate + berry ganache

Orange Kumquat – A complex beauty, exotic and delicate.
dark chocolate + orange + kumquat

Sea Salt Caramel – Delectably sweet and salty--dangerously addictive!
dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt