Summertime: it has quite the reputation.

The heat. The bugs. Those intense rays of sunlight. But let’s not get hung up on the downsides, shall we?  Summer is so much more than beads of sweat on your brow and an urgent need to slather your body in aloe.

{Relevant sidebar: put that stuff in the refrigerator. It’s life changing.}

Let’s focus on all the socially enriching bases you cover over the course of a summer. The backyard BBQ is a great place to start. Progressing to picnics, outdoor concerts, a day at the beach, and sipping sweet tea on your front porch rockers. Okay, maybe we confused you with your grandmother there. Apologies.

But you catch our drift: summer is about getting out there. Spending time with friends and sipping on some chilled beverages. Beverages that pair well with chocolate, naturally.

Just don’t forget to pack the sunscreen. Or, that chilled aloe we told you about. Seriously, you’ll thank us later.