start a celebration with chocolate

There are plenty of ways to throw a party. And no shortage of guides and tips on how to make it a successful celebration.  People will tell you it’s all about the food or the drinks. They’ll school you on ambiance and presentation.  Tell you that you need fine china or fresh flowers, even. There’s much to do and much to say about parties—but we suggest you forget it all.

Instead of focusing on a seating chart (which frankly, sounds boring) think about the most important element: fun.

Would you rather your guests drive home raving about their place cards or sing the praises of how you made them feel? Our favorite way to ensure a good time is had by all in attendance is quite simple—and we’re prepared to share our secret with you.

It starts with the pop of a champagne cork and ends with a box of chocolate truffles. That’s it. Those are things you need to start the party. Where it goes next is completely up to you.