spicy dark chocolate truffles

Every once in a while, you could use a little something. A shot of madness, if you will. A way to break up the monotony of the everyday.

This is why we’ve developed a love affair with all things spicy. There’s just something alluring about the combination of chocolate and chilies—a mixture that promises to make your heart race a little. It’s not about overwhelming heat; just a touch of warmth does the trick.

The Dark Spice chocolate bar is a great place to start. We use 54% Fair Trade Certified™ Chocolate, and combine it with cocoa nibs for a crunchy texture. Then, we add cinnamon and cayenne peppers to finish things off. It provides a kiss of heat that engages each of the senses.

The Chili Lime truffle is another experience altogether. Dark chocolate provides the foundation, and things just get more interesting from there. We mix lime and chili peppers into a dark chocolate ganache that really is the best of both worlds: the tang of citrus pairs nicely with a bit of heat.

So the next time you need to spice things up, reach for the nearest box of chocolate