savoring chocolate slowly

Have you ever sat down and truly savored chocolate before?

We get it: you’re busy. And while it is tempting to rush the experience, good things come to those who take their time.

The act of tasting is unique to the individual; we each understand texture and taste flavors in a different way. Which is why, when hosting a chocolate tasting, we ask those sampling if they prefer milk or dark chocolate. (Some love both, but most have a preference.) It’s an indication of where to begin an experience that will appeal to every palate.

An ideal way to truly experience chocolate is to focus on one type of chocolate at a time: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and so on. Try each type of chocolate a few times to give yourself the chance to truly taste it, taking in its flavors and complexities.

Above all else, don’t take the experience too seriously: consider it an adventure instead. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and take it all in. You might be surprised by what you find.