valentine's day love

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Love. It’s everywhere; you just need to take the time to notice. It’s in the way their eyes light up when you enter the room. The unexpected gift, just because. But more than anything, love truly is in the air this time of year.

Everywhere you look, it seems that heart shapes abound. The ever approaching Valentine’s Day holiday seems to have that affect. This year, we urge you to try something new. Something romantic. Thoughtful. Sure, go for the heart shaped chocolate, but give it alongside a handwritten letter. Find new ways to say I love you, the one thing you really mean but can’t always find the way to show. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip (you know, the one you’ve always talked about taking) or a simple dinner at your favorite place, it really is the thought that counts.

(DISCLAIMER: When all else fails, just go for the chocolate. Trust us.)