gourmet chocolate truffles

The world is a busy place. It can be loud and sometimes a bit stressful—and this likely compels you to find some relief. In this case, the best reprieve arrives in the form of slowing down and savoring the things you love. A moment or two to catch your breath and recharge your batteries is all you need.

And if you can add chocolate to the experience? Even better. In order to make the most of it, there are a few ways you can heighten those precious moments.

Find a quiet space: it doesn’t matter where or how you get there; silence is of the essence here.

Unplug: no phones, no television, just you and your thoughts.

Indulge: after you’ve had your fill of the quiet, wrap your head around the introduction of chocolate.

Take things further: this is where things get interesting. The proper way to eat it? Close your eyes and let it flood your mouth. Its essences will release and linger.

Repeat as necessary.