milk and dark chocolate truffles

There are many ways to pursue your passions. Plenty of things to catch your eye (and attention) along the way, but what truly makes you feel alive?

This is where the inspiration for the luscious truffle collection began; with a deep desire to give shape to our fanatical devotion to chocolate. We went to extremes in its creation, creating both classic and daring flavors for a truly unique experience. Bringing to life all the things we had dreamed. But we didn’t stop there. Our pursuit took shape as we tasted and refined along the way, never settling until it was just right. (Tasting chocolate can be a tough job, but we’re happy to do it.)

The result? Chocolate with depth and pureness, layered with taste and a hint of secrecy. A collection of milk and dark truffles that will inspire you to pursue your own passions, whatever they may be.