Purists: there’s one in every crowd. Sometimes more, it’s hard telling with these things.

The point is: things don’t always need frills attached. Satisfaction often comes in getting back to basics. Simplicity can be just as euphoric as decadence.

And when it comes to chocolate, we get it. There’s something beautiful about the cocoa you love in its purest form, unfettered and beautiful.

This is where our Pure Dark bar comes in. It’s solid dark chocolate. 72% to be exact. And it’s made with Single Origin* Ecuador Cocoa.

The result? A uniquely rich and harmonious chocolate, with spicy and exotic fruit notes, for a smooth finish.

Best of all, it’s chock full of the antioxidants you desire and contains no GMO ingredients. That’s what we call a double bonus.

*Much like wine, many chocolate connoisseurs tout the flavor of chocolate that is harvested from a single region. It’s chocolate from one variety of cacao harvested in a single region.