The intoxicating trios can be exhilarating. And the combination of cool and crisp makes for an edible work of art. One that’s sure to bring pleasure all season long.

This isn’t an ordinary product. No, this one is special (at least that’s what we tell it). Only available for a few months of the year, its elusiveness only adds to its mystique. Dark and white chocolate, layered with a hint of secrecy and sprinkled with peppermint has a way of doing that to you.

Nestled inside a custom striped tin, our peppermint bark arrives ready to be gifted. And, it’s been known to make things both merry and bright. We suggest making it your new holiday tradition. A tradition that’s sure to be the envy of those who didn’t think of it first.

So, bragging rights basically.

Before that happens, we suggest taking some for yourself. ‘Tis the season to be naughty, right?

Close your eyes and take a bite. Let the flavors fill your mouth. Listen to the distinctive crunch of peppermint as the smooth accompaniment of white and dark chocolate enters the fold. It’s alluring. And it’s only available for a limited time. Get it while it lasts.