peppermint bark

It’s true: there is a season for everything, from flowers to fruit. But when it comes to this time of year, it’s all about this sweetly layered indulgence.

Only available a few months of every year, peppermint bark is truly something special. When the air takes on that familiar chill, we know its time. The cravings hit and we find our way to that familiar tin. Its smell is unmistakable: intoxicatingly sweet and minty.

Its creation takes time, as these things do. A thin layer of rich dark chocolate sets the scene, providing the foundation. Then, white chocolate is carefully added to balance. A precise dark to white chocolate ratio is crucial. Not to be outdone, it is topped with crushed peppermint—and a hint of secrecy. (We can’t give it all away.) It’s then cut by hand; much like a snowflake, every piece is unique.

Finally, it’s carefully packed into our holiday striped tin. Because if there’s anything we know about this season, it is the importance of presentation. This one is so beautiful you don’t even need gift wrap. A simple bow and thoughtful card will do the trick.

You’re sure to get in the spirit.