There’s something about the notes of cheese that speaks to the flavor of chocolate—and wine is a perfect addition to the mix. We paired two of our chocolate bars (one milk and one dark) with cheese and the results were enthralling, to say the least. It would be the perfect thing for a party and would even make for an interesting night at home.

First, a cheeseboard is a must. We used one made of slate, but marble is also a good choice. It will help keep the cheese at a consistent temperature and makes for a beautiful presentation. Unwrap the cheese before you serve it to allow it to breathe and serve at room temperature by removing from the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

Your chocolate should also be served at room temperature (keep it out of the fridge, however!) alongside complimentary cheese on your board. Here are our suggestions:

milk chocolate cheese pairing

The Smoky Almond Bar with Beehive Cheese Co.’s Barely Buzzed

The smooth, nutty flavor of the milk chocolate is perfect alongside this unique hand-rubbed cheese coated in espresso and lavender with notes of butterscotch and caramel. The crumbly texture is pleasing from start to finish—and also pairs perfectly with red wine (we tried it with a cabernet).

chocolate and cheese

The Pure Dark Bar with Gorgonzola

The spicy nature of blue cheese is an ideal match for the intensity of dark chocolate. The combination will create bold new flavors together—and all sorts of contrasting textures to explore.

And when it comes to pairings, exploration is truly the name of the game.