dark chocolate with citrus

In life, you will have many passions. There will be things that cause your heart to skip a beat, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. All the more reason to seek them out, right? We say go for it; find the things that give you butterflies and embrace new experiences along the way. In that spirit, we are introducing a new series on this blog, featuring the things that we’re passionate about—that go beyond our first love: chocolate.

We’re starting out in familiar territory in our first foray into obsession with a slightly unusual thing we adore: the kumquat. If you’ve never tried one, we highly recommend it. Not only is it adorable, it’s delicious too. It grows on a fruit bearing tree and is similar to an orange in taste. Its petite size is what sets it apart; a kumquat is approximately the size of a large olive.

The kumquats we use for our orange kumquat truffle are of the oval variety, known as the Nagami kumquat. Here’s what makes it unusual: it can be eaten whole, skin and all. When combined, the flavor of the skin and flesh is uniquely refreshing. The skin of the kumquat is quite sweet, while the interior is very sour. It’s incredibly addictive.

We combine the kumquats with fresh oranges and dark chocolate to create a creamy ganache enrobed in even more dark chocolate. The result is tart, sweet, rich, and refreshing—even in the middle of winter. It’s part of our Luscious Collection and arrives with other flavors we suspect will encourage a distinct feeling of obsession in you, too.