dance and be yourself

Let’s face it: the world is a busy place. Loud.  And just so connected. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a constant barrage of information. And sometimes, you just need a break from it all. To unplug. Let your hair down. Slip on that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks and dance.

Instead of hiding your undying love for that cheesy boy band hit, embrace it. Even if it’s in the car while you’re stuck in traffic. Life’s too short to be anything but yourself—whatever that entails. We say embrace your crazy side. Give in to the madness, even.

It doesn’t have to be perfect (what is?)—just find a way to get back to your roots, one moment at a time. Celebrate all the things you love; the ones that make your pulse race just a bit faster. Forget your to-do list. It can wait, we promise. Grab takeout from your favorite place. Watch your favorite movie—the cheesy one you’ve seen 50 times—whatever tickles your fancy.

This is about you, so just go for it.