Sustainability. Fair Trade. Organic.

More and more, these practices—and knowing where food comes from—is important to consumers.

To us, they are more than just practices: they’re the foundation.

The cacao used to create Pure Madness Chocolate comes from the Biolands, located in Africa. It is sustainably grown, Fair Trade Certified, and organic.

Before it becomes chocolate, it begins as Theobroma Cacao: the cocoa tree. This sensitive and labor-intensive crop grows in a narrow band around the Equator on small family-run farms in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Tanzania, located in east Africa, has seen its reputation for high-quality, sustainably-grown cocoa rebound in recent years. This is thanks to Biolands, Africa’s largest exporter of certified organic cocoa. Working in partnership with farmers to ensure cocoa is grown in a responsible way is at the core of the Biolands’ mission. This safeguards the environment and provides a livelihood for producers today and for future generations.

This vision combines the efficiency of a privately managed company with the positive social impact of a cooperative. 

It’s not just about creating a beautiful, decadent product. It’s about doing it the right way. Ensuring it is grown responsibly. Fairly. In such a way that cacao continues to be grown for the foreseeable future.

These things matter to us—today, and every day after it.

Celebrate Earth Day.