milk chocolate

“Are you a milk or dark chocolate lover?” is a question we ask of customers often. Some profess an undying devotion to both, which we understand. But most have a clear favorite. They know what they like—and we have tremendous respect for their commitment to the things they love.

Milk chocolate enthusiasts would agree: there’s just something about the lighter side of chocolate. It has a way of speaking to you. Of reminding you to embrace the light. Perhaps it’s the unparalleled sweetness. The smooth, creamy texture—so  enthralling it makes you close your eyes to savor every moment.

At a recent food show, a visitor to our space said it best after tasting the Hawaiian bar: “It gave me what it promised, took me there and then let me go.”

We think that’s how it should be; chocolate that it true to its word, but doesn’t hold you hostage to its every whim. After all, chocolate isn’t all that different than love.