truffles and apple cider

We’d like to make a stand, here and now, about autumn: the season is nothing without cinnamon. It’s the glue that holds all the culinary delights of fall together—and it deserves our respect for that important role.

Think about it: where would your apple pie be, if not for the sprinkle of said spice? And that latte you love so much wouldn’t have the same kick in its absence. And let’s not get ourselves started on that joy that is a cinnamon stick in a mug of hot apple cider. Whether it is just a sprinkle or perhaps a few tablespoons, it easily straddles the line between sweet and savory.

Our love for it goes so deeply that we’ve found ways to combine it with chocolate. The dark spice bar is a chocolate experience that is sweet and spicy in all the right places, thanks to just the right amount of cinnamon and cayenne. But when it comes to autumn, the green apple truffle is our favorite way to let this spice strut its stuff. Creamy milk chocolate and green apples are nothing without that touch of cinnamon, bringing the flavors to a satisfying conclusion, as they dance across the tongue.