fair trade dark chocolate

It’s always been our belief that beauty lies in the details. For us, chocolate isn’t just chocolate—it goes much deeper than that. It’s our passion.

There’s sophistication in a beautiful package containing and equally decadent product. And we’ve redesigned our chocolate bars to reflect that commitment. The new patterned boxes were inspired by our quilted truffle boxes and they just beg to be experienced. The glossy textured pattern catches the light—and your eye. Belgian Fair Trade Certified™ Chocolate lies inside; containing the same fresh ingredients and bold flavors you know and love.

dark and milk chocolate bars

Why Fair Trade Certified™?

We’re committed to using the finest ingredients to create an experience that goes beyond the act of tasting. We worked with Fair Trade USA to certify each of our five chocolate bar flavors. This makes our bars better than ever, and we’re proud to offer you the same product, in a new way.

What does this mean?

This certification ensures cocoa farmers have received a fair price for their harvest, and in turn allows them to remain sustainable for many years to come. For more on Fair Trade Certification, visit the Fair Trade USA website.

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