Every year, fashion lovers around the world converge upon the Big Apple for one spectacular reason: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It’s as though the entire city downed a shot of espresso.

MBFW is 7 days of sights, sounds, and experiences like no other—infusing life into the city we love. There’s just something thrilling about the hustle and bustle of fashionistas, filling the city sidewalks. Suddenly, a busy city comes alive.

There’s nothing better than being right in the thick of it all, surrounded by our fellow fashion lovers. Clamoring for a view of the spring trends, as the cool breezes of autumn approach. It’s a front row to the fashion shows and a front row to the street styles we love.

What’s more fulfilling than taking in runway shows, taking that fabulous pair of shoes for a spin, all while surrounded by fashion?

Much like the chocolate we love, there’s something to be said for the emotions running rampant during MBFW: the joy in wanting, the wonder in discovery and the ecstasy in having.