Chocolate bars Smores


Baby, it’s cold outside. Or at least a bit chilly- it depends on the day.

So why not just stay in? Stay warm. And find a way to unwind while you’re at it. There’s nothing better than relaxing in front of the fire. Wine in hand. And a soon-to-be toasted marshmallow in the other.

S’mores are the sweet, melty, gooey way to bliss in the winter (and summer, gathered around the camp fire). Truly, it’s the comfort food you grew up eating and never quite grew out of. Why would you? The intermingling of pillowy marshmallow, nestled atop a layer of crumbly graham and melting chocolate is a trifecta worth keeping around well into adulthood.

What you’ll need:

Your favorite chocolate bar (we recommend the Dark Spice bar for a sweet & spicy flavor)

Marshmallows (we love this recipe for a homemade option)

Graham Crackers

You know the rest, don’t you? It’s the perfect way to taste and explore, all from the comfort of home.