Bad news: summer is winding to a close.

It’s enough to make you feel a bit nostalgic. Or, in some cases, like the end of an era.

Before things get too dramatic, let’s recap: The sights, smells, and sounds of summer are pretty amazing. Especially from that chair you had perfectly positioned on the beach just last month.

You did your best to soak up all summer had to offer. And now it’s time to enjoy it while you still can. Yes, summer is almost over. The kids are headed back to school. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely. In fact, we think you should draw it out for as long as possible.

Relax on the balcony. Pour yourself a tall, cool glass of something sweet. Sip to your heart’s desire. And don’t forget to grab that book that’s been gathering dust on your nightstand.

A trip to the nearest body of water isn’t entirely out of the question either, as far as we can tell.

Those leaves haven’t fallen just yet.  What are you waiting for?