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Every worthwhile pursuit begins the same way: with passion. It's the driving force behind everything we do.

Let's face it: the world is filled with mad, intense pleasures. But few things inflame our passions like chocolate. The Luscious Truffle Collection was created with this idea in mind. Belgian chocolate is combined with the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create truffles as beautiful as they are decadent. And there's a flavor to please every chocolate lover: from the bold and daring to the classics.

A delicate chocolate shell, topped with fresh, natural decor, surrounds a creamy ganache center. Biting into one is like falling in love--it's quite the rush.

Is your interest piqued? Explore the flavors in the collection:

Sea Salt Caramel – Delectably sweet and salty--dangerously addictive!

Rum Raisin – A hint of warmth, and sweetness in abundance.

Espresso – Deep-roasted beans awaken your taste buds!

Classic – Mood lifting and blissfully indulgent.

Chili Lime – Creates that coveted inner tingle.

Hazelnut – Even if it were evil, I would forgive it!

Raspberry – We took a lovely summer day and mixed it into chocolate.

Vanilla – Like a patch of sunlight in the dark.

Orange Kumquat – A complex beauty, exotic and delicate. 

Dark Classic – This is why chocolate is called “food of the gods.”

Green Apple – Playfully dances across the tongue.