dark chocolate sea salt caramels

The world just loves a good duo. Sonny and Cher had their moment in the sun. Peas and carrots are often found in each other’s company. And wine and chocolate (one of our favorite pairs) requires no explanation—it just works.

Like everything else, we find ourselves inclined to push the limits just a bit. If duos are so incredible, shouldn’t trios be enough to drive you crazy? We’re so glad you asked.

We seem to have this thing for three, starting with our love of bringing flavors together in a harmonious relationship. There’s our Wild Threesome, a study in the power our three most popular chocolate bar flavors. They really are three of a kind.

But let’s take it a step further and think of more sweet and savory trios. Our love for the intoxicating combination of dark chocolate, buttery caramel, and sea salt is among our favorites. So much so, we’ve made it into a chocolate truffle and a traditional caramel. It’s a familiar favorite, but never fails to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings.

Just be careful: they tend to be dangerously addictive.