rum raisin chocolate truffle

What makes your heart race? Takes your breath away? Leaves you begging for more?

Chocolate, naturally.

For us, the fixation lies in bringing flavors together for a unique experience. (Chili + lime, anyone?) Inspiration comes in many forms, but chocolate will always be a favorite.

You’ve probably tried rum raisin before; perhaps as an ice cream flavor or bread pudding. But we’d venture to say you’ve never enjoyed it like this before. We start with rich, creamy milk chocolate and combine it with puréed raisins and rum for a hint of warmth and sweetness in abundance. (The truffle has no alcohol content; we use rum for flavoring and it evaporates during the cooking process.) It’s smooth and sweet in all the right places.

And it’s nestled alongside flavors like espresso, raspberry, and vanilla in the luscious collection for good measure. Life is all about balance.