give chocolate as a gift

There’s just something fascinating about a package. The mystery that lies behind the paper. The possibilities hidden underneath a bow. It’s the not knowing that gets you.

In that vein, we designed each of our packages (and their chocolate contents) with gifting in mind. The process of receiving a gift and revealing its contents are an enthralling—and often rewarding—experience. So much so, that we find wrapping them really isn’t necessary. They are beautifully suited for gifting just as they are.

Take the black quilted pattern on our chocolate truffle collections. It makes for a stunning presentation visually, but it also engages each of the senses. Touching is a great start. Feeling the ridges of the box against the smooth pink band. Then, of course, there is the contents.

A pink flavor card gives way to a pink and black pattern. The final reveal (finally!) is next: the chocolate truffles. Surely a sight to behold, but even better when tasted. It’s about the experience, from start to finish. One that doesn’t need to hide under the restrictions of wrapping paper.

Just a bow will do—that extra touch that pairs form with function quite beautifully. Even if you are planning to give it to yourself.