When it comes to entertaining, there are a myriad of options:

A relaxing evening with a few close friends.
A lively cocktail party.
A full course formal dinner.

No matter the occasion, a chocolate tasting is destined to be a crowd favorite. The Pure Madness luscious truffle collection lends itself to a sensory tasting experience. Revel in these deep, pure and passionately layered flavor sensations—bold, subtle, sweet and surprising.

Tasting chocolate should be an unhurried experience. To taste the subtleties and richness of gourmet chocolate, all the senses must participate. Savor every bite, taking in the notes and finishes of the chocolate, much like a fine wine.

In the heat of summer, focus on light and sweet pairings. Your guests will agree a glass of champagne makes the perfect companion to fruit-infused truffles.

Our personal favorites for the summer:

Green Apple – Playfully dances across the tongue.
milk chocolate + apple + cinnamon

Orange Kumquat – A complex beauty, exotic and delicate.
dark chocolate + orange + kumquat

Raspberry – We took a lovely summer day and mixed it into chocolate.
dark chocolate + berry ganache