dark sipping chocolate

A reprieve from daily life is always welcome surprise. Even if it’s only for a moment or two, a break has the power to heal you. Refresh and renew, even. And we’d guess you will take all the moments you can get, so why not create them instead of just wishing for them?

We suggest you start with your favorite mug (you know the one) and fill it with rich, dark sipping chocolate. Slowly wrap your hands around it, feeling its warmth radiate through your fingers. Breathe deeply, noting the nutty, chocolate filled aromas. Then, press your lips to the edge and take in the rich, languid elixir. Its taste is sure to melt the stress away.

So, why only take it one sip at a time? It’s meant to be savored slowly, allowing the flavors to tease their way across your tongue. Sweet and subtle, all at once. And sipping it might just buy you a few more moments alone. Although, we cannot make any promises.