dark chocolate toffee

Based on its appearance, there is much to say about this unique creation. It’s lumpy, messy, eccentric, and a bit unruly.

Toffee is a bit weird.

It’s more like candy. It’s obsessed. Greedy. It has bad manners. So much so, it has to be contained in a tin. We go to extremes to make it—and to package it. You might say toffee is the odd girl out— the black sheep of our Pure Madness family. She might not fit in with the rest of our sultry, smooth wares but we love her anyway.

There is beauty in the unique; this complex, crunchy character is no exception to the rule. Its taste is unforgettable, buttery sweetness with a crunch. But how does it make you feel?

It’s irresistible. Resistance is futile. It’s a guilty pleasure that tells you to take just one more bite. You can close the tin to pretend it’s gone. To get it out of your mind. But it still calls to you. Beckoning for more.

Will you give in?