dark chocolate truffles from Pure Madness Chocolate


We’ve already covered our milk chocolate bases. Now it’s time to take things just a bit deeper—and darker. Don’t worry; going over to the dark side isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, it’s been known to incite exhilaration.   

We’ve mixed bold, subtle, sweet and surprising flavors with dark chocolate—for a truly rousing experience.

Sea Salt Caramel – Delectably sweet and salty--dangerously addictive!
dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt

Espresso – Deep-roasted beans awaken your taste buds!
dark chocolate + roasted coffee ganache

Chili Lime – Creates that coveted inner tingle.
dark chocolate + lime + chili pepper

Raspberry – We took a lovely summer day and mixed it into chocolate.
dark chocolate + berry ganache

Orange Kumquat – A complex beauty, exotic and delicate. 
dark chocolate + orange + kumquat

Dark Classic – This is why chocolate is called “food of the gods.”
dark chocolate + pure chocolate ganache