Italy is an amazing place. But what’s not to love about a country shaped like footwear?

All shoe discussions aside, this is the country that brought us pizza, high fashion, and a city built entirely on water. Seriously, who does that?

Venice, that’s who. As far as aqueous cities go, it seems they knew what they were doing.

Trust us: there’s much more than architectural feats awaiting you. There’s the red wine. Cobblestone streets. Creamy gelato. Fresh baked, crusty baguettes. Homemade pasta. Beautiful people. You’re getting warmer. Life is just so much more remarkable when adventurous pairings are involved.

That Italian attempting to bridge the language gap with his hands isn’t exactly the pairing you had in mind. It’s the Pure Madness Pure Dark chocolate bar in your bag.

It’s dark chocolate at its purest—and most deeply exotic. And it pairs splendidly with a glass of red wine.