Before the leaves begin to fall, squeezing in one last trip is still a possibility. And perhaps, a necessity.

Why not finally take that trip you’ve been dreaming of all summer? You know the one: that tropical place with blue, sunny skies. The sound of the surf. The white sandy beaches. Tall palm trees gently swaying in the breeze.

It’s enough to drive a girl crazy.

The Pure Madness Chocolate Hawaiian bar was created with island getaways in mind. What with the perfect mélange of creamy milk chocolate, coconut, macadamia nuts and Hawaiian sea salt. It’s a tropical beach getaway nestled into a bold chocolate package.

But there’s nothing like the real thing, either. Hopping a plane and soaring into tropical air just has a way of making you feel alive. And really, is anything more relaxing than lying on the beach with a big floppy hat on your head and a riveting novel in your hands?

We think not.

Sometimes, the best getaways are the ones you take when the moment strikes. When you feel that familiar urge to buy a pair of tickets and take off—leaving your responsibilities behind temporarily.

Whatever it is, it can wait. The beach is calling; you really should answer.