Oh, beloved classics. So beautiful. So steeped in tradition. So desperately in need of modernization.

Much like your mother finally eschewing her flip phone for a smart phone, it’s time to get with the times. An upgrade, if you will. (Once we tell you what we’re talking about, we have a feeling you, indeed, will.)

Sea Salt Caramels. It’s our latest creation, and it’s calling. We hope you are prepared to answer said call.

Caramels harken back to a time long ago. And probably far away. Remembered with great fondness. It’s time to renew that something old with something new. And modern meets classic is just the thing.

We’ve taken the caramels you love, soft and buttery, and covered them in a delicate layer of 62% dark chocolate. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a pinch of sea salt graces the surface—offering a dash of boldness.

Let it dissolve slowly on your tongue, savoring the caramelized, buttery flavor that remains. These subtle flavors and mellow notes pair splendidly with the playful contrast of sweet and salty. It’s sophistication at its finest.