explore the luscious truffle collection


Inspiration can be found everywhere. It began with chocolate. Where it went next is where things get interesting.

It was about creating a truffle collection that expressed a passion—an obsession—for this gorgeous confection. A journey into the classics and a foray into the daring.

Providing a sense stimulating way to explore chocolate, and every experience it brings. Taking the time to taste and experiment until it felt and tasted just right. An articulation of something unspoken, brought to life.

It must be experienced to be appreciated. Your first encounter with these bold, surprisingly intense flavors will stir something in you. Awaken your senses to the possibilities. Bursting forth, like the first blossoms of spring—a sure sign of brighter days ahead.

The names alone call out to you: Rich malty hazelnut…exotic, delicate orange kumquat. Green apple, playfully dancing across the tongue. And that’s only the beginning.

Our suggestion? Just give in. Revel in every deep, pure and passionately layered flavor sensation—bold, subtle, tangy, sweet and surprising. Explore the dark and milk sides of your mysterious passion for chocolate. Just remember to pace yourself.