smoky almond fair trade milk chocolate bar

What’s in a name? For the smoky almond bar, there is much to be considered. It evokes a specific set of feelings that are full of drama, intrigue, and satisfaction.

Smoky…salty…like a film noir romance!

You know the genre: hazy city streets providing a backdrop for a passionate drama, shot in black and white. Smoky almond will take you there. It’s a true study in sweet and savory, striking a delightful balance between the two.

These things take time, but this bar is well worth the effort (and wait) for the end result. Almonds are lightly salted and gently smoked until the flavor is just right. They’re chopped, and then enveloped in 34% Fair Trade milk chocolate. Creamy and robust, it makes for the perfect companion.

Even better, it’s been known to inspire intensely amorous reactions.