orange kumquat dark chocolate truffle

There’s no doubt: this season has a feel. Some might even say it has a smell (freshly cut grass and lilacs, perhaps?) but we’re here to argue it also has a very specific taste.

The excitement builds as we take in the shift—both in the outdoor temperature and our wardrobes. Long forgotten, thankfully, are heavy sweaters and boots. But our favorite part of the season is all the ways we can taste it on our palates.

This is where the magic happens. While we’ve never been ones to play favorites, we consider this orange kumquat season. It’s the truffle that embodies spring in every way: the sweet tartness of kumquat mixes beautifully with orange and dark chocolate for a uniquely decadent (and citrus infused) experience.

It’s a truly beautiful sight. Although, we’d recommend eating it instead of simply looking at it.