milk and dark chocolate truffles

It’s true: chocolate truffles are the perfect creation. Their beauty lies in the simplicity of the design; a creamy ganache center is enrobed in a thin chocolate shell. Some are finished with a quick roll in powdered cocoa, while others are topped with décor. No matter the form, they promise a memorable experience.

This lovely confection was named after the highly sought after black truffle fungus due to its physical resemblance to the delicacy.

Every great idea starts somewhere, and the chocolate truffle began—where else—in France. Legend has it they were created by accident in the kitchen of chef and restauranteur Auguste Escoffier. While making pastry cream, he and his apprentice accidentally poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolate pieces instead of the intended bowl of sugar and eggs. As the concoction hardened, Escoffier found that it could be formed into balls by hand and then rolled in cocoa powder with incredible results.

Truffles have evolved into many forms and flavors since. But as we like to say, a classic never goes out of style.