give in to your love of chocolate

So often, we create rules. Establish parameters. And of course, follow the directions. But how often do you follow your heart instead? Rather than thinking it through, or asking for permission, we suggest you just go for it. Sure, chocolate (and life) are meant to be savored; taken in ever so slowly to enjoy every moment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the things you love. And it should never cause you to restrict yourself.

A customer once told us that she loves our sea salt caramels so much that she only allows herself to have one each night after dinner.

“Why not two?” we wondered.

She wasn’t sure, she explained with a puzzled look. She’d told herself she could only have a single caramel so that’s exactly what she did.

It’s a good reminder of a greater lesson: personal indulgence can be the most rewarding (not to mention satisfying) thing in the world. You don’t have to restrict yourself in order to enjoy life. You can have that second caramel after dinner, if the mood strikes.

You really can do all the things your heart dreams. What are you waiting for?