explore dark sipping chocolate


There are plenty of ways to stay warm. There’s gathering around a fire, for starters. Your favorite scarf. Or, time spent in good company.

But in our book, sipping chocolate is clearly the most interesting. And you can still partake in all the aforementioned activities, to boot.

So why sip? Because it’s meant to be savored ever so slowly. A well-planned effort to get the most out of the experience. Flavors will tease their way across your tongue with every sip, warming you on even the coldest winter night. And we have an inkling a few of those could be headed your way.

Made with 62% Valrhona chocolate, our rich sipping chocolate will take you on a journey to the other side of sweetness. Simply mix it with milk and passion, giving due reverence to this rich, languid elixir.

It promises to warm you from the inside.