sweet tart flavors inspire chocolate


The raspberry truffle has impeccable timing. When all you want is a day that can be described as beautiful—we present you with a lovely summer day mixed into chocolate.

The inspiration behind this indulgence is, naturally, the raspberry. Such a small, unassuming fruit. Beautiful. An alluring shade of scarlet.

But don’t be fooled. This stunning creation with a ridged exterior packs a serious punch. Triggered by biting.

Juicy. Succulent. Dripping with crimson flavor. Sparking each of your senses the moment it’s bitten. Releasing bursts of juice into your mouth. Sweetness, mixed with a touch of tartness. Enough to tingle your taste buds, filling your mouth with a sunny essence. The summer season, encapsulated in a sweet experience.

Much like chocolate, one taste is never enough. Such a tiny, delicate fruit creates an experience that begs to be repeated.

And if we know anything for certain, it’s that you’re bound to become a repeat offender.