the top 5 reasons to eat chocolate


We’ve all heard the benefits of eating chocolate: it’s thought to boost heart health, improve mood, and can possibly make you smarter. Chocolate is, without a doubt, the perfect food.

Let’s be honest: there are countless reasons why you should—and do—eat chocolate. And while you probably aren’t looking for yet another reason to indulge we have a few to offer:

1. Eating chocolate just makes you feel good. Euphoric. It's a thrilling avenue to taste and explore the world.
2. Dark chocolate is an amazing way to enjoy a touch of sweetness. Particularly when it lends itself to daily indulgence
3. While difficult to consider, sharing your favorite indulgence with someone has its rewards. Trust us on this one.
4. The presence of chocolate will get your next party started almost immediately. It's been known to spark all sorts of  interesting conversation.  
5.  Chocolate makes the perfect pair. It's phenomenal with your favorite glass of wine. It sparkles alongside champagne. And is magnificent alongside more chocolate.

So what are you waiting for? Give in.