It’s clear that we love our chocolate, but we also enjoy finding new ways to incorporate it into everything we do. Whether it’s a drink recipe inspired by our love for things both sweet and spicy (like the chili lime truffle) or using chocolate in a way you wouldn’t expect (chocolate & cheese sandwich, anyone?) there is so much to explore.

We’ve made many things with chocolate in the past, but here are a few of our favorites.

layered chocolate trifle

Better than Sex Cake

We get it: that’s a big promise to make. But this layered cake really is amazing—made even more so by the addition of our crunchy toffee. What are you waiting for? Dig in. 


chocolate milkshake recipe

Dark & Dreamy Milkshake

Our Dark Sipping Chocolate is a versatile product; as indulgent as a warm drink as it is in a cool creation. We love to mix it with ice cream in the blender for the ultimate shake, that will leave you dreaming of it long after it’s gone.  


dark chocolate orange lava cake recipe

Molten Orange Chocolate Lava Cakes

These decadent individual desserts, filled with gooey chocolate and sweet citrus flavors, are always a big hit at gatherings. And the lava-like consistency has been known to incite all sorts of “oohs” and “ahhs.” 


espresso mousse recipe

Whipped Espresso Mousse

Dessert doesn’t have to be rich and heavy; sometimes it’s best served light and airy. We used our espresso dark chocolate bar to create an indulgence that is the perfect conclusion to your next party. Shaved chocolate and whipped cream on top optional, but highly recommended.


grapefruit spicy margarita recipe

Grapefruit Spice Margarita

It’s safe to say we’re all ready for warmer temperatures. This is the perfect cocktail to get us in the mood. A lively take on this traditional cocktail combines the tartness of grapefruit with the warmth-inducing addition of cayenne. It’s refreshment with a kick.